Zen Rattan Warranty

Should you have a problem where you wish to make a warranty claim, you can drop us an email or speak to us on the phone. AMC reserves the right to request photos accurately detailing the issue. Proof of purchase is also required for AMC Furniture to honour any warranty claims. 

Where a warranty claim has been made then AMC will replace/repair the piece which has been damaged. If the product is no longer available and we cannot provide the replacement then a credit note of the original sale value will be issued.

Guarantees may be void if the problem is deemed to be due to wear and tear or misuse. 

AMC accepts no responsibility for items damaged in adverse weather such as windy weather. 



All Zen Rattan Sets come with a 5 year warranty on the weave of the rattan. The rattan weave is fully weather and uv resistant which means it can be left outside at all times and the colour of the weave will not fade.

All Zen Rattan sets come with a 3 year warranty on the structure of the framework. The frames are made from galvanized steel which is welded together and coated with a protective layer afterwards. Although the frame itself won’t rust, the welding, screws, staples and bolts may rust when left for long periods in damp conditions. 

The rust from these pieces may produce discoloured water which could drip onto the surface below your set. In the unlikely event of this happening AMC will not cover any damage caused by this. 

All Zen Rattan Sets are hand-woven which means no two pieces will be identical, this will have no impact on the durability of the set. 

Glass Tables:

The glass on top of the tables is not covered by the guarantee, if there is any fault or damage with the glass then it must be reported within the first 24 hours of delivery. 

The rattan underneath the glass may sag in hot conditions, this is normal and will return once it’s cooled down. 

A ‘Magnifying Effect’ may occur when direct sunlight shines through glass objects such as drinking glasses and bottles onto a glass top table. This can have an effect on the rattan underneath due to the heat from magnifying and may cause it to melt. This particular instance is not covered by the guarantee. To prevent this we would recommend being extra careful with glass objects when the sun is shining directly on your table or using a parasol/gazebo to create shade. 

The glass wind protector which comes with fire pit sets is not to be used in direct sunlight as this can also cause the 'Magnifying Effect' and damage the rattan underneath. 

The rubber suckers which keep the glass table top secure are not covered within the guarantee, they will naturally fade and change colour over time due to exposure to sunlight.



Cushions on all Zen Rattan sets come with a 12 month guarantee. The cushions are showerproof but we would always advise to store them in a dry place when not in use. Even when the set is covered with a rain cover, the cushions must be stored in a dry place. Failure to adhere to the above will result in the guarantee on the cushions being voided. 


Rain Covers

All Zen Rattan Rain Covers come with a 12 month warranty. If the seams of the covers were to rip then this would be covered in the warranty. If the covers are ripped through force or sharp objects then this would not be covered. Covers may fade when exposed to direct sunlight, this is not covered by the warranty.